MATCH Works for SNAP-Ed Directors

MATCH Wellness solves the problem of choosing the RIGHT program!

MATCH Wellness meets the mission of the FNS and goals and focus of SNAP-Ed. Choose the ONLY effective middle-school childhood obesity intervention producing consistent, sustainable results.
*See MATCH in the SNAP-Ed Resource Library*

Center TRT Approved

MATCH Wellness received the highest designation as "research-tested", ensuring that it meets FNS criteria as evidence-based.
*See Center TRT review*

Produces Results

MATCH Wellness produces significant zBMI improvements at one and four year follow-ups compared to controls.

Effective Evaluation

MATCH Wellness provides State SNAP-Ed Directors with tools and reports to monitor outcomes to assess return on investment.
*See Evaluation and Logic Models at Center TRT*

MATCH Lessons follow the USDA's 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.